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Do you manufacture electric motors, pumps, or compressors?

Is Noise Quality an issue?

To satisfy your customer, an objective program of noise measurement, evaluation and quality improvement must be established. Subjective testing on the factory-floor fails to provide reliable results. Human evaluation is fraught with errors such as personal variations from day-to-day and hour-to-hour, inter-operator differences in perception, and missed evaluations. True noise quality can only be achieved via an objective system of noise measurement and evaluation.

SigTrap is a turnkey, factory-floor system for automatically measuring and objectively quantifying component noise. A combination of accelerometers and microphones capture, quantify, analyze and classify noise signals in real-time. SigTrap generates noise metrics (measurements) and a quality decision for the component. SigTrap interfaces with the production equipment to receive settings and communicate results. Noise metrics are logged, charted, and displayed via a networked PC. SigTrap provides the necessary, critical tools for noise engineering and analysis, production quality improvement and component noise management.

SigTrap provides objective noise quality testing and analysis. Component engineering for noise improvements can be measured and evaluated accurately. Production noise quality trends can be measured and controlled. Customer noise issues and concerns can be verified, analyzed, and corrected.

SigTrap systems provide an objective, comprehensive approach to noise quality that builds confidence and delivers results. Objectively quantifying noise is critical to effective customer satisfaction.

"Quantify to Satisfy"